Copy-editing & Proofreading Services

All prices in USD. (I am happy to bill in CAD or GBP, at current exchange rates, upon request.)

Not all editors define the different levels of editing the same way, so the sections below describe the specific services I offer.

I edit using the Track Changes feature in Microsoft Word. I provide free sample edits so that I know exactly how much work will be involved in each project and can price accordingly, and also to ensure that the author will be satisfied with the results.

I live in Northern Ontario, Canada, and can edit for US or UK English. Please see the Testimonials page for references.


The proofreading service I offer is best described as error correction.  It covers the types of mistakes that don’t really require a judgement call, just a fine attention to detail. Proofreading includes correcting the following:

Proofreading rates are based on a single read of the manuscript:


Copy-editing includes checking for the errors in the proofreading list and also the type of errors that require some level of judgement. I consider consistency of style and the author’s voice to be very important. Confident and salient novel writing follows more flexible “rules” than academic grammar when it comes to sentence fragments and comma splices (in moderation). The object is to lend your writing flow and comprehension.

The suggestions and corrections I make should require only minor rewriting. Copy-editing includes:

Copy-editing rates (average, the final rate depends on the amount of work involved) are based on two reads of the manuscript, with author rewrites in between:

Non-fiction often requires additional services, such as fact-checking, which I do not provide, and I can only quote a price after discussing with you exactly what your needs are.

How Long It Takes

Below is a list of estimated times from the start date for various-sized projects (per read). Times are for copy-editing services and are estimates. Proofreading times will be shorter. You will receive a more specific time-to-completion with your quote after submitting your sample.

How to Submit a Project

Please use the Contact Me form to make arrangements for a sample and price quote, and I will contact you within 24 hours.

After editing your sample, I will return it with an expected time-to-completion and the price for the work.

Short Story Samples

A five-page sample will often be all or most of the content of a short story. In these cases, I will do a quick review of the story and send you a brief summary of the types of corrections and changes I’d recommend along with the price quote, etc.


I prefer payment by PayPal. Payment must be received  at least 24 hours before the scheduled start date for your project. Canadian clients may choose to be billed in Canadian dollars and pay by Interac e-Transfer.

Projects up to $100.00 require payment in full before I begin work on your project.  I am willing to work out payment plans for projects over $100.00.  In these cases, a 25% deposit will be required at least 24 hours before the scheduled start date.

I try to be as flexible as possible when scheduling. With advance notice, I am always happy to reschedule start dates when necessary. Failure to make payment or rescheduling arrangements before your start date will result in cancellation of your scheduled time slot. This may cause a delay of several weeks, as a new appointment will have to be booked.

I am willing to consider other payment options on a case-by-case basis.  Please note that other payment methods such as money orders will cause delays up to several weeks in receiving your edited project.

After the Editing

Once your book has been edited and proofread, it will need to be properly formatted. To give your Kindle or e-book the professional touch it deserves, I highly recommend WriteIntoPrint for MS Word transfers to Kindle and Smashwords – they provide an affordable and high quality service, run by a well-regarded editor.