Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse

Why am I writing a post about a gaming mouse on an editing blog?
Two words: programmable buttons.


The Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse has twelve programmable buttons right under your thumb. It also has three other extra buttons, but two of those are best used for “G-shift” and “mode”. The G-shift button works the same way as shift on your keyboard to double the number of programming options. The mode button lets you switch between three different modes, bringing the total possibilities for those twelve buttons to seventy-two! And if you can find a use for all those possibilities AND remember them, you have my undying admiration.

If you do somehow manage to use up all the buttons, you can also program different profiles, which makes the possibilities virtually limitless.

So what can you do with those extra buttons? Just about anything.

  • Single keys for convenience: How about a delete or enter key you don’t have to move your hand to the keyboard to use?
  • Keyboard shortcuts: Copy, cut, and paste are obvious choices here.
  • Strings of text: Things like email addresses or signatures that you type often.
  • You can also record macros, so basically, anything you can do with the keyboard can be assigned to a single button press.

The downside—you knew it was coming, didn’t you?

The price tag is a little hefty if you’re not sure the extra buttons are something you’ll use on a regular basis. I consider the G600 to be one of the best computer-related purchases I’ve ever made, but everyone works differently.

The software can be a little tough to figure out at first and is occasionally a bit glitchy, but a lot of my early trouble with it was user error. Answers to most problems or questions are easily found with a quick search on Google.


Of course, the G600 is also great for GAMING. I used to game a lot, but life happens, and I haven’t played in years. My son, Mike, finally talked me into trying the new MMORPG Wizardry Online.

Back in the day (remember tweaking a batch file for hours to get a computer game to play nice with your hardware?) I had a computer gamepad controller, so I usually didn’t have to resort to using keyboard controls—and the games controls were a lot simpler. Add that to being out of practice and having NO experience with MMOs at all and, well, getting used to the camera view and the direction I’m walking in being controlled independently was hard!

The first time we played was, uh, interesting, but fun! I was stuck with the basic keyboard controls—you can’t program buttons when you don’t know what buttons you will be using. Of course, it also would have helped if I’d spent a little more time studying the keyboard layout before I started. I’d made a point of remembering the attack button, but completely forgot to check which button to use to unsheathe my weapon, and with a zombie chewing on my arm, it was a little tense trying to figure out how to use the in-game chat to holler to Mike for help (you have to do the first dungeon alone).

You can read more about our first adventure together, “Wizardry with my mother”, on Mike’s blog, WizFanaticus.

A big thank you also to “Loktofeit” at Wizardry Vault for featuring the article in his blog post “Wizardry with my mother – a WizFanaticus Journal“.

All right, so with round one under my belt, now I knew what keys I needed to program. Although the Logitech Gaming Software can be a little daunting to figure out at first, once you get the hang of it, it’s very easy to make changes. Programming the G600 took only a matter of minutes. Deciding what function to assign where took a long time! Since I haven’t played Wizardry with any other mouse, I can’t compare it to anything, but for me, the G600 worked very smoothly, and I didn’t have any trouble with mouse clicks not registering or anything like that.

Round two of our adventure went a LOT smoother. I’d like to claim the credit for being that good, but really, the mouse made a big difference, and I highly recommend it for gaming.

If you play Wizardry Online, you are welcome to joins us on the WizFanaticus Forums. I am Sapienta and here’s the spiffy new banner Mike made for me!

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